Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Award Session Cancelled

Due to several factors, I have decided to postpone the the 2012 Blogger's Choice Awards indefinitely. In fact, it's just as well we refer to it as being cancelled for this year at this point. It's unfortunate I know, but there has been a serious lack of interest from the community (and visitors) in sending nominations for the awards. While this is the main reason for my cancelling at this time, it is not the only one. I personally do not have the time to dedicate to the session right now, and without the nominations, the job of getting everything ready is considerably more difficult. So, what I've decided to do was regroup, focus on what I can take care of around these parts over the year, and then get back to this whole award thing at the end of 2013. Taking a year off is perhaps not the worst of ideas anyway, so that's what I am sadly going to do.

Having said that, PLEASE NOTE that nominations will remain open all year. You can leave you choices in any of the applicable threads (like this one, or the one before this one) or email them to nlblogroll @ Every nomination will be given equal consideration!

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