Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Voting Opens Soon

Here we are, on the eve of the 2011 NL Blogger's Choice awards. It's been a long time coming with many delays, but it's finally close enough to touch. The voting threads, all 10 of them, will launch in the early morning hours so in actuality, it's only a few hours away for the night owls out there.

As previously mentioned, there will be 10 threads posted here, 1 for each the 10 categories we are currently using within the Blogroll. In each thread there will be 3 (yet to be announced) choices, listed alphabetically, for you to choose from. My original plan was to take screen caps of all the blogs, but decided I didn't want any certain design or image to distract or entice in any way. So, it will be the titles of the blogs, linked to the blog and that is it. Simple.

As a reminder, all you have to do to vote is post a reply to the thread with your vote and that's it. You can vote once a day and depending on how you decide to comment, your vote is worth a certain value (as noted in the previous post).

Current NL BlogRoll Members: Please remember that your vote is worth 10 points! To make sure I know who you are, please leave a link to (or note of) your blog in the reply.

So with all that said, all we do now is wait... well, I prepare and you wait. :)

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