Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's Coming...

No really, it is.

After months of work trying to update and ready the blog, along with countless delays due to being overwhelmed with offline life, the 2011 Newfoundland Labrador Blogger's Choice awards are set to launch... and this time (for the first time) a date for the launch has firmly been set: Thursday September 15th. 

Early that day 10 posts will be made here, each listing the 3 nominees per category and will remain active for 2 weeks (well, 15 days) until the end of September. All one will have to do to vote is reply to the thread with their choice and that's it. We are limiting the amount you can vote for a blog to be daily and as noted below, there are a few other guidelines:

  • Anonymous voters will be worth 1 point. They can't be ignored, but shouldn't be overvalued (and flood control will be applied just for good measure).
  • Logged / linked in voters will be worth 5 points, as to me the non-anonymity of these votes are worth more.
  • Votes from fellow NL Bloggers currently listed on the roll (indentified with a link in the reply they post) will be worth 10 grand points. These are our true peers after all and adding this interactivity will only be a bonus in the end.
Please note in the previous post the selection criteria used in selecting this years nominees and with that thought, I'm going to end things there. Stay tuned in the coming days as we count down to the 2nd annual awards!

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