Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Red Carpet Delayed

As I mentioned in a recent post on the main blog, things have been super busy for me as of late. With that came a delay in the Bloggers Choice Awards. Believe me, it kills me to write this as much as I'm sure it does to read it, but I will say that everything is still very much in the works. It will happen soon, August though, but soon.

While I'm here, I wanted to discuss some of the 'eligibility requirements' for the awards this year. I put quotes around that because technically everyone in the list is eligible, but I did apply a certain amount of weight to a few key things this year. Before I announce the finalists and initiate the voting, I figured I should share what those things were. These are listed in no particular order:
  • Longevity - As this is the first year for these style awards, long standing members have been given a certain amount more consideration.
  • Frequency of posting - Those who post more were considered more. Makes sense to me anyway. :)
  • Design - This was totally based on my opinion and believe me when I say that all were awesome, so this was moot really.
I can't stress enough how difficult it was to select the final 30 to be put up for vote. I can only imagine how tough it'll get as this grows each year, but I best not get ahead of myself at this point. Let's get this year down first. Stay tuned!

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