Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Things are progressing nicely in awards land. I have now successfully shortlisted 50 blogs, 10 per category. Believe me, with almost 300 blogs in the roll that was tough enough, and it's going to be considerably more difficult to tackle getting it down to 3 per. It's most likely that I'm going to enlist in some help from a good friend of mine, actually. Outside perspective may be an incredible asset at this point so, that to me seems like the best thing I can do.

As a side note I should give a heads up that, for next years awards, I'll be instating a nomination period whereby visitors (and more importantly, fellow bloggers in the community) will be able to suggest their favorite blogs to put up for vote. I didn't really have the time to implement such a thing this year, but it's all in the works for next. For this year, it's completely based on my opinion and I did take into account many, many factors when selecting them; design, content, frequency of posts, duration on the blogroll to name a few.

Anyway, I'll leave things at that for now. I have tonnes of work to do and only a few short weeks to do it!

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