Thursday, May 19, 2011

Coming Soon...

In just a few short weeks, 30 carefully selected blogs from our beloved Newfoundland Labrador BlogRoll (of nearly 300 blogs) will be unveiled and for two weeks following, the people (visitors to this site) will vote on their favorites.

Voting will be simple. Each of the 10 categories will have a post with it's 3 selections displayed. All one will have to do, is post a reply to that thread with their choice. It's as simple as that... AND I am allowing one vote PER DAY. The way I see it, if someone is dedicated enough to vote more than once, I have to give kudos for that.

You may be wondering what is to gain from all this (besides you know, the fun of it all). Well, the winner of each category will gain a tonne of free promotion, for a full year, within this site and the network it extends into. I wish I could announce grand prizes of extreme extravagance, but these gifts of free promotion should not be undervalued I suppose. That's what any blogger wants right; traffic?

Well, hopefully the winners will enjoy what I have in store for them... but yeah, you'll have to wait on that. :)

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